By submitting this form, I/We

  1. hereby request DCS Card Centre Pte. Ltd. (DCS) to open a Personal Card Account (Card Account) for me/us and to issue DCS Credit Card(s) (the Card) (including renewal Card(s)) until the Card Account is terminated. For joint card application, we agree that the Card Account shall be opened in the name of the first signatory (termed Basic Card Applicant for administrative purpose) and the second/other signatory shall be the Supplementary Card applicant.
  2. hereby authorise DCS and/or its representatives to contact my/our bankers or any other source to obtain and verify any information about me/us as DCS may be required to do so by law, and consent to DCS's use, disclosure, and/or processing of information relating to me/us and my/our use of the Card(s) for any of these purposes: (a) account opening, and operations relating to my/our account including closing my/our account; (b) providing services and facilities to me/us from time to time; (c) administration and/or managing the relationship between DCS and/or my/our account; (d) carrying out my/our instructions or responding to any enquiries by me/us; (e) the process of approving my/our application, the conduct of credit and/or identity checks, verification of ongoing credit worthiness; (f) developing new services and/or products; (g) where express consent has been given, to provide me/us with marketing, advertising and promotional information, materials and/or documents relating to banking, investment, credit and/or financial products and/or services that DCS with business partners (such as co-branders) may be selling, marketing, offering or promoting, whether such products or services exist now or are created in the future. I/We understand that I/we have the right to withdraw my/our consent from receiving such marketing information and can do so by writing to DCS, telephoning DCS or sending an email to DCS at DCS' address or number on the Website; (h) to comply with the disclosure requirements of any regulatory authority or applicable law; (i) investigating fraud, misconduct, any unlawful action or omission, whether relating to my/our application or any other matter relating to my/our Account(s), and whether or not there is any suspicion of the aforementioned; (j) carry out due diligence or other screening activities in accordance with DCS's legal or regulatory obligations or risk management procedures designed to combat financial crime, including “know-your customer”, anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing or anti-bribery and corruption customer and counterparty due diligence and screening; (k) where express consent has been provided, to update me/us on DCS's products and services from time to time; (l) taking out an insurance policy which may provide coverage to me/us and some members of my/our immediate family; (m) where express consent has been provided, dispatch marketing information relating to services or products offered by DCS whether by DCS, DCS's affiliates, business partners or related companies which DCS thinks is of benefit or interest to me/us via my/our consented method(s) of communication; (n) processing any applications or requests for new services and/or products made by me/us; (o) enforcing my/our legal and/or contractual rights against me/us; (p) maintaining the safety and security of DCS' premises with the use of security cameras; (q) seeking professional advice (including but not limited to obtaining legal advice and facilitating dispute resolution); (r) conducting checks with the Do Not Call Registry; (s) administrating loyalty and rewards programs (including but not limited to the processing of redemption vouchers, benefits or entitlements); (t) managing DCS' business operations and complying with DCS' internal policies and procedures; and (u) processing my/our application for Card Account(s), services and products by DCS (collectively, the “Permitted Purposes”). I/We consent to DCS collecting my/our personal data from DCS' business partners and for such business partners to disclose my/our personal data to DCS for the purpose of managing and administrating any benefits I/we may enjoy as DCS' cardholder. DCS shall not use, disclose and/or process my/our personal data for purposes which are not stated above. Should DCS wish to use, disclose and/or process my/our personal data for a new purpose, DCS will notify me/us and seek my/our prior written consent. Notwithstanding the foregoing, I/we may withdraw my/our consent for DCS, and any of its officers, employees, agents, contractors or service providers to process, collect, use and/or disclose my/our information for one or more of the Permitted Purposes at any time by writing to DCS, telephoning DCS or sending an email to DCS at DCS' address or number on the Website. Where necessary, DCS may disclose my/our personal data to DCS' franchisees worldwide; any credit bureau of which DCS is a member or subscriber and/or to any other members, subscriber and/or compliance committee of such credit bureau and to any other person to whom disclosure is permitted or required by any statutory provision or law; or DCS' third party service providers and agents (including its lawyers/law firms), (whether located in or outside Singapore) for any of the Permitted Purposes only. DCS shall not disclose my/our personal data for purposes for which I/we have not obtained consent.
  3. (a) am/are aware that if DCS approve the application made herein, the Card(s) will be issued by DCS subject to DCS’s terms and conditions indicated herein and to its other terms and conditions for issuance of credit cards; (b) am/are aware that the terms and conditions of issuance of credit cards can be inspected at DCS’s office and a copy will be despatched to me/us with the Card(s) and I/we agree to be bound by them upon receipt or acceptance of or signing on or use of the Card(s) unless the Card(s), cut into half, is/are returned to DCS.
  4. am aware and agree that if the Card application is made under the category of “$500 Limit Card”, the Card will have a credit limit of S$500 only and cannot have a supplementary card annexed to it.
  5. agree that the Card(s) may be sent to me/us at my/our risk by ordinary mail to my/our billing address.
  6. agree that the Basic Card Applicant is and shall be responsible for all charges/liabilities (including Annual Fees or any other fees/charges) which may arise out or be incurred in respect of the Basic Card and all Supplementary Card(s) issued at the Basic Card Applicant’s request (if any) and each Supplementary Card Applicant is and shall be responsible for all charges/liabilities (including Annual Fees or any other fees/charges) which may arise out or be incurred in respect of the Supplementary Card.
  7. confirm that at the time of this application, I am/we are not under the Debt Repayment Scheme or undischarged bankrupt and no statutory Demand nor any legal action process has been served on me/us.
  8. authorise DCS, if this application is or is purported to be given or sent by me/us to DCS by electronic transmission, to rely on and process this application in accordance with the submitted copy of the form, though DCS is not obliged to do so, without waiting for the original signed form. I/We will submit to DCS the original signed form even though the Credit Card(s) had been issued in accordance with the submitted copy if DCS requests for the original form.
  9. agree to comply with our co-brand partner(s)’ in-house terms and conditions, if applicable.
  10. hereby warrant that the information given herein and all documents (if any) submitted are true and correct.
  11. agree that DCS may decline this application at its sole discretion without assigning any reason.
  12. For applicants of S$500 Limit Card below 21 years old: At the time of application, I agree that upon reaching 21 years of age, if the Card Account opened for me is not cancelled, my continued maintenance of my Card Account and/or continued use of the Card shall be construed and interpreted as my firm ratification of this application under the terms indicated herein and subject to DCS’s terms and conditions of issuance of the Card without any requirement on my part to re-apply for the Card Account and/or the Card and/or to do any whatsoever act to re-accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement.