Diners Club International Ace Credit Card

Diners Club International Ace Credit Card

Diners Club Privileges

  • Get cash advance of between S$100 to S$300 on a 12-month repayment period.
  • Free Insurance Coverage for Regular Credit Cardmembers: Up to S$1 million personal accident protection, S$250,000 on-flight personal accident insurance and travel inconvenience reimbursement.
  • Earn Club Rewards Points to redeem for FREE gifts, shopping/dining vouchers & air miles. (S$1 = 1 point). No expiry to your Club Rewards Points.
  • Access to nearly 1,300 Airport Lounges across 600+ cities in 140 countries worldwide; including Changi Airport Terminal 1, 2, 3 and 4. Basic Cardholder enjoys one complimentary access per year.

*Terms & conditions apply



For Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents:
Minimum income of S$16,000p.a.
(except students and NSFs)

Age: 18 to 65 years old
For applicants age below 21, Parent’s / Guardian’s consent is required

Documents Required:
Click here

Not applicable for existing Regular Credit & Charge Cardholders
Not applicable for existing Diners Club Basic Cardholders



Annual Fee:
S$28^ per year (first year FREE)

^ Fees will be subject to the prevailing Goods & Services Tax (GST)

Credit Limit:
S$500 (fixed)

Minimum Payment:
Total outstanding balance or S$50 (whichever is lower), plus all past due amount and any amount exceeding Credit Limit

Fee & Charges for Diners Club
$500 Limit Credit Card

  1. What is a Credit Card?
    A Credit Card is a convenient payment instrument which allows you to buy goods and services without using cash, that is, on credit. A Credit Limit will be allocated to your Card.
  2. What is a Credit Limit?
    A Credit Limit is the maximum amount of spending money allocated to your Card account in which you can use to make purchases with your Card.
  3. Where can I use the Card?
    You can use your Card locally and overseas in establishments that display the Diners Club split circle Welcome Sign.
  4. What do I do when I received the Card?
    When you receive your Card, please sign on the signature panel on the reverse side of the Card immediately and activate your Card via SMS, at our website or by calling our Customer Service within the next 7 days.
  5. How do I use the Card?
    When you make a purchase with the Card, you have to sign on the Sales Slip. The merchant keeps a copy and gives you a copy for your record. All your purchases with the Card will be reflected on your monthly Statement of Account.
  6. How much can I use on the Card?
    You can use up to S$500, which is the Credit Limit allocated to your Diners Club International Ace Credit Card account.
  7. Is there any Over Limit Fee?
    An Over Limit Fee of S$50 per month shall be charged to your Card account if the Total Indebtedness exceed the Credit Limit at any time during the Statement Period.
  8. Will I be issued a PIN for my Card?
    Yes, you should receive your PIN within 5 working days after you received your Card. Please memorise your PIN and then destroy the PIN slip. Do not write your PIN on your Card, and do not disclose your PIN to any person - not even a Diners Club staff is entitled to know your PIN.
  9. Can I draw cash with the Card?
    Yes, you can withdraw cash at any DBS, POSB and Citibank ATMs in Singapore and at over 1 million ATMs worldwide bearing the “Diners Club International” or “Pulse” sign. Cash advance charges are applicable.
  10. What are the Cash Advance charges?
    The charges are 6% of the Cash Advance or S$20 (whichever is greater) per Cash Advance; plus any service charge or other fee imposed by the ATM operator in respect of an ATM Cash Advance.
  11. When is my Payment Due Date?
    Your The Payment Due Date is on the 27th of every month. This date refers to the date that Diners Club receives and processes your payment into your account. Different processing times apply for payments made via different channels before Diners Club receives your payment. Please check with your bank, where applicable.
  12. Do I have to make payment in full?
    You have the option of making full or partial payment for your Card bill, but the minimum amount you have to pay is S$50 or your total outstanding bill, whichever is lower. If payment is not made in full, Interest at 28% per annum is levied on the Total Indebtedness (excluding the principal amount of each Cash Advance) unless the closing balance on both the current and previous Statements has been paid in full by the respective Payment Due Date and 28% per annum is levied on all Cash Advances. If interest is to be debited, Total Minimum Interest of S$3 per account per month is charged if the interest would otherwise be less than S$3.
  13. What happens when I do not make any payment or do not fulfill the Minimum Payment before the Payment Due Date?
    There will be a Late Payment Fee of S$80 if the Minimum Payment is not received by Payment Due Date.
  14. Where can I make payment for my Card bills?
    You can make payment for your Diners Club Card bills at our Diners Club office by Cash or Cheque, at AXS stations, by Internet / Phone Banking (selected banks), DBS/POSB ATMs or by Interbank GIRO. For details, you may refer to the reverse page of your Statement of Account.
  15. What if I lose my Credit Card?
    You should report the loss of your Card immediately to Diners Club at Tel: 6571 0128 (during office hours) or 6416 0900 (after office hours) so that we can stop the card usage. You will then not be liable for any unauthorised charges made after your report. Diners Club will soon issue you with a replacement Card.
  16. How much is the Annual Fee for this Card?
    It is absolutely Free for the first year. Subsequent Annual Fee is S$28 per year.
  17. Can I apply for other Diners Club Credit Cards if I already have a Diners Club International Ace Credit Card?
    Yes, you may apply for other Diners Club Credit Cards with up to 2 months Credit Limit if your annual income exceeds S$30,000.
  18. Can I apply for the Diners Club International Ace Credit Card if I already have another Diners Club Card?
    The Diners Club International Ace Credit Card is not applicable for existing Diners Club Main cardholders; however, Diners Club Supplementary cardholders are eligible to apply.
  19. What is the processing time to approve my Card application?
    The average processing time is between 4 to 6 weeks upon receiving your completed application form, photocopy of your I.C. (front & back) and the necessary documents.
  20. What is Diners Club Rewards Programme?
    Every dollar charged to your Card earns you 1 Club Rewards point. Accumulate these points to redeem for free gifts, shopping and dining vouchers, etc. There is no expiry to your points. Please refer to: https://dcscc.com/club-rewards