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DCS D-Lite Card

Manage your card balance and spend limit seamlessly with the D-Vault

DCS Ultimate Platinum Mastercard
DCS Ultimate Platinum UnionPay Card


Age: 18 to 65 years old

Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents (except U.S. Citizens), & Foreigners (except U.S. Citizens)

For applicants aged below 21, Parent's / Guardian's consent is required.

No minimum income required.

Not applicable for existing DCS Cardholders.

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Fees & Charges

Annual Fee: S$30^ per year (first year FREE)

Credit Limit: S$100

Late Payment fee applies if D-Vault balance is insufficient to pay the total outstanding balance upon auto-repayment

Minimum Payment: Total outstanding balance or S$50 (whichever is lower), plus all past due amount and any amount exceeding Credit Limit

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^ Fees will be subject to the prevailing Goods & Services Tax (GST)

To apply for the card, please follow these easy steps

Step 1: Download DCS Cards App

A super app that is not only packed with core features to manage DCS credit cards, but also access to services that provide a more integrated payments experience.

Download the DCS Cards App on your mobile device, via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or APK Download for Android.

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play Download the APK file

Step 2: Scan to apply

The D-Lite Card provides payment convenience for anyone requiring a credit card with flexible spend limits. D-Lite comes with a starting credit limit of S$100 and is linked to D-Vault to increase spend limits via multiple top-up channels. Application is easy, with instant card approval.


UnionPay Card

D-Lite Affiliate Programme

Welcome to our D-Lite Affiliate Program! As a DCS cardholder, you may enrol in our D-Lite Affiliate Program and start referring your friends to apply for the D-Lite card to earn the following incentives.

If you own a corporate entity or have access to a community network, you may consider enrolling in the D-Lite Master Affiliate Program instead. Please contact us for more details.

1. Sign-up Rewards

For every referral that successfully applies for a D-Lite card using your Referral Code, and activates it within 30 days of card opening, you'll receive a S$10 reward per card.

2. DCS Token Top-up Fee Rebates

For every of your referral’s DCS Token top-up, you’ll get a 10% rebate of the top-up fee charged.

3. Preferential DCS Token top-up fee

As you scale the Affiliate Tiers with more successful referrals, you’ll also enjoy a lower DCS Token top-up fee rate for yourself!

D-Lite Affiliate Tier Preferred DCS Token Top-up Fee Rate for yourself Rebate on Top-Up fee charged to your referrals Qualifying Terms
Non-Affiliate 3% / 2%* - Not applicable
1 2% 10% Upon enrolment in D-Lite Affiliate Program
2 1.5% Min. 20 new D-Lite card invitees
3 1% Min. 50 new D-Lite card invitees
(Excluding the invitees qualified under Tier 2)

* Preferred rate of 2% immediately applies for referrals signed up via an Affiliate Referral Code



The DCS D-Lite Card is a credit card that comes bundled with $100 credit limit and a D-Vault. The D-Vault provides an account number that cardmembers can use to transfer funds from any bank account and balance in the D-Vault can be used to increase their card spend limit instantly.

The numberless feature of the physical card provides peace of mind as it reduces the risk of having your sensitive card data being stolen.

As long as you do not currently hold any cards with DCS, you may apply for the DCS D-Lite Card. Once you successfully apply for this Card, you will not be able to apply for any other DCS cards unless you terminate this DCS D-Lite Card. No minimum income required.

You can conveniently apply for the DCS D-Lite Card via the DCS Cards App. Simply download the mobile app via the Apple Store or Google Play Store, register an account, and apply for the DCS D-Lite Card. Upon approval, the card is issued via the mobile app as a digital card first, before the cardholder receives the physical card (cards can only be mailed to a Singapore address). Applications are only accepted via the DCS Cards App.

A $100 credit limit is assigned on the DCS D-Lite Card without any income requirement. Any credit limit review will require submission of additional income documents. Please contact us if you wish to increase your credit limit, and we will be happy to advise the process.

Use of DCS D-Lite Card

Turn on notification alerts for the DCS Cards app. When your DCS D-Lite Card is approved, an in-app notification will be triggered.

To use the Card, you must maintain at all times a minimum Withholding Amount of $100 in the D-Vault.

The withholding amount, which is the first S$100 in your D-Vault balance, cannot be used for the following purposes:

  1. Spend limit: The withholding amount cannot be utilized as part of you spend limit on the DCS D-Lite Card.
  2. Auto-repayment: The withholding amount is not used for automatic repayment of your outstanding balance. Only after payment due more than 60 days, system will trigger auto-repayment with withholding amount.

If the balance in your D-Vault falls below S$100, your card will be temporarily blocked to prevent further usage. To reactivate the card, you will need to top up your D-Vault to meet or exceed the minimum balance requirement. Failure to top up by the end of each month will result in a monthly fee of S$10+GST (Fall-below Fee) being charged to your card account. If the balance in the D-Vault is insufficient to cover the fall-below fee, the remaining balance will be fully depleted, and the card will be terminated.

As soon as you activate your card, you may already use the credentials (card number, card expiry date and CVV code) to perform online purchases at merchants that accept Mastercard or UnionPay. You can use your physical card at all stores, locally and overseas, that display the Mastercard or UnionPay logo.

No, the DCS D-Lite Card only has the e-Statement, you can view and download it via DCS Cards App.

Use of D-Vault

Once your DCS D-Lite card application is approved, your D-Vault will be automatically activated and linked to your D-Lite card. This means that there is no need for any additional steps, as your D-Vault will be directly associated with your D-Lite card.

To use the D-Vault feature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to the DCS Cards app and locate in the D-Vault tab
  2. Under the D-Vault tab, you will find your unique account number.
  3. To top-up your D-Vault, tap on the Top-up icon to view the instructions. Simply copy your account number that appears within the instructions and paste it onto the banking platform from which you are performing the funds transfer.
  4. Transfers from local bank accounts in Singapore are processed immediately and the funds should appear in your D-Vault balance within the next 10 minutes.

The balance in your D-Vault can be utilized to increase your spend limit on the DCS D-Lite Card. However, please note that the spend limit should be adjusted to account for the withhold D-Vault balance.

To calculate your spend limit, use the following formula: Spend limit = Credit limit (S$100 or S$500) + D-Vault balance (variable) - Withhold D-Vault balance (S$100)

For example, you have a D-Vault balance of $300 and a credit limit of $100. In this case, your card's spend limit would be $300.

Please refer to other FAQs with regards to D-Vault here


Auto-repayment is a feature that automatically pays off the outstanding balance on your DCS D-Lite Card account. It uses the balance in your D-Vault to make the repayment. Here are some scenarios to help you understand how auto-repayment works:

  1. Full auto-repayment: If your D-Vault balance is enough to cover the entire outstanding balance, including the credit limit used and D-Vault spend limit used, the system will automatically repay the full amount using your D-Vault balance.
  2. Failed auto-repayment: If you only have S$100 in your D-Vault and your outstanding balance, including transactions authorized with the D-Vault balance, is equal to or greater than S$100, the auto-repayment cannot be processed. In this case, you need to make the repayment manually from another source, such as PayNow or AXS.
  3. Partial Auto-Repayment: If your D-Vault balance is more than S$100, the auto-repayment will be made using the amount exceeding the S$100 withhold limit. If the remaining balance is not enough to fully repay the outstanding balance, you will need to repay the remaining amount through other channels.

    For example, if your D-Vault balance is S$2,000 and the outstanding balance is S$2,000, an auto-repayment of S$1,900 will be made, and the remaining S$100 will be considered as an outstanding amount, will remain payable by you.

  4. Auto-repayment for Default accounts: If you default on your payments for more than 60 days (60DPD), the system will automatically repay the total outstanding balance using the S$100 withhold amount in your VA.

We provide multiple repayment options including Paynow, AXS, GIRO or D-Vault.

DCS D-Lite Card DCS Ultimate Platinum Card
Income eligibility For Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Foreigners:
No minimum income required

For Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents:
Minimum income of S$30,000p.a. OR S$15,000p.a. (age 55 & above)

For Foreigners:
Minimum income of S$60,000p.a.

The D-Lite Affiliate Program encourages DCS cardholders to get rewarded when referring their friends to apply for the DCS D-Lite Card and top-up their D-Vault with DCS Tokens.

Rewards include:

  1. One-time card sign-up fee of S$10 per card
  2. 10% rebate on the DCS Token top-up fees charged to your referrals and
  3. Preferential DCS Token top-up fee rate for yourself

Step 1: Get your own Referral Code during enrolment

Step 2: Share your Referral Code with friends who are not yet a DCS cardholder, to apply for a D-Lite Card via the DCS Cards App

Step 3: Make sure your friends “Scan & apply” for the D-Lite Card with your Referral Code. Otherwise, no rewards will be recorded

The total value of your eligible Rewards earned within a calendar month, will be credited to your D-Vault at the end of the following calendar month.

When your friend successfully applies for a D-Lite card using your Referral Code and activates* it within 30 days of card opening, you'll receive a reward of S$10.

* activation of the D-Lite card requires a minimum top-up of S$100 via D-Vault. If your referral only signs up for the D-Lite card without activation within 30 days of card opening, you will not receive the S$10 reward for that referral.

Rebate Incentive = DCS Token top-up amount x Top-up fee rate x 10% rebate

An Affiliate Member is currently at Affiliate Level 2 and refers Friend A who enjoys a preferred DCS Token top-up fee rate of 2% upon card sign-up. Now Friend A performs a DCS Token top-up equivalent to S$15,000:

Rebate earned by Affiliate Member = S$15,000 x 2% x 10% = S$30

The total value of your eligible Rewards earned within a calendar month, will be credited to your D-Vault at the end of the following calendar month.

Yes, the minimum payout threshold is S$100. Otherwise, the payout amount will be accumulated to the next eligible payout cycle.

The Cookie Duration is 365 days from the date of enrolment.

Upon meeting the Qualifier Terms for the next higher affiliate level within three calendar months from the month of enrolment, members will be upgraded to the next Affiliate level on the first day of the following calendar month.

For instance,
If Affiliate Member is currently at Affiliate Level 1 in October and he/she fulfils 80 new D-Lite card invitees on 20 October. He/she will be upgraded to Affiliate Level 3 directly with effect from 1 November.

After reaching a new Affiliate Level, you retain that level for three calendar months from the month of achievement. During this period, you can enjoy the preferential DCS Token top-up fee rate of that Affiliate Tier.

To maintain the current Affiliate Level, you need to meet the Qualifier Terms of your specific tier within three calendar months from month of achievement. Failing to do so will result in a downgrade to the previous lower Affiliate Tier on the first day of the subsequent month.